Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheater Peter Meringue Pie Eater

Ok, so I know that I thought that I should stick to the Martha cookies. But I had a major joyous turning point today. As you know, I have some pretty severe health problems. This is why I haven't done a post in a while. I lost my insurance, too. But my state caseworker has informed me that I now have state sponsored health care! Yippee! The villagers rejoice! Now, just about more than anything else, I love pie. I love pie more than life. So, I thought that I would make lemon meringue pie. Yes, that's right. I said meringue. Maybe my 1st meringue attempt was a fluke. This recipe is not from M.S. And I did receive some help, yes, cheating. I used a frozen pie crust. I had a can of lemon pie filling, in addition to a jar of lemon curd that I had received from my best friend in California. Straight from England. I mixed the 2 together for the filling. But I did follow the directions for pie meringue in the Betty Crocker cookbook. It took a lot longer to get glossy, curled peaks than the book said. But I prevail again! So the meringue saga ends, and, Lord willing that I don't have any more immediate health problems, I can move on to another recipe. Look at that pie! Isn't it glorious?!

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