Monday, April 12, 2010

Cutout sugar cookies 101

Well, I attempted to follow the recipe in Martha's Cookies book for cutout sugar cookies. I was planning on making them for my married friends' anniversaries, instead of buying them presents, which I have no cash for. First I forgot to seperate the flour/dry ingredient mixture in a second bowl. My butter wasn't exactly room temperature. Who has time for that? Then, when I tried to take it out of the mixing bowl to seperate it into 2 saran wrapped individual quantities, it was sticky. Is this common? I put it in the fridge. Then I spread flour everywhere on my movable dishwasher to attempt to roll them out. They stuck to my rolling pin like mud sticks to a hog. I had to knead them with considerably more flour. I cut them out, and proceeded to decorate with red/pink/white/lavender/chocolate sprinkles. And baked accordingly. Oops! I forgot to freeze the cutouts on the cookie sheets. Crap! And I didn't use the baking adjustments for high elevation! I did line the cute cookie tin with silver paper and put a bow on it, though. I have a memory only for the trivial. The obvious completely escapes me. Upside: They looked decent. Downside: They were as hard as rocks. Maybe mine didn't turn out right, but I think that they would only really be useful for decoration, i.e. baby shower favors, Christmas tree decorations, etc. I  had to send the recipient a note stating that she should put them in the microwave, they were supposed to be crunchy, or dip them in coffee.
Next time, I think I will try the chewy sugar cookie recipe. What the heck is sanding sugar?! I'm pretty sure that my grocery store doesn't offer that.


  1. If your butter wasn't room temperature, then it's hard to cream it with sugar.

    You should take pictures next time! Would be fun to see your adventures. :)

  2. I tend to be humiliated when I fail and therefore generally dont take pictures. But hey! I am me! I am both failure and success, hear me roar!